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They gave us a speaker to review and one to give away.

sol deck

The following is a back to school post about head phones and a speaker system so cool you think you are living in the future.

If you are like us, you just realized that you have to get your kids ready for school. If you are exactly like us, you have one in College, one in 5th grade and the other in 2nd. The little ones need the basic stuff: new backpack, pencils, markers and crayons, all of which will be lost in a month. However, for our college kid who goes to school 3000 miles away and lives in a dorm, her needs are very different. Sure, she may need pencils but she can buy those herself. What then is imperative for your college kid’s back to school supplies? MUSIC!

sol headphones         SOL Republic is our favorite music listening device brand. The market is glutted now with everyone trying to outdo the others with prettier colors or some celebrity doing some graphic designs for the product. The truth is, yeah, you can plug your head phones into your phone and you will hear music. SOL however, is light-years ahead of these folks. Their Master Tracks On-Ear Head Phones are so comfortable that you forget you are wearing headphones and yet the sound quality is amazing.  Why do we think our daughter will love these? Easy. Aside from the great sound and the fact you can wear these on a plane and they are so comfy, you can change the headband to suit your mood and match your outfits. The 3 function cord allows the wearer to skip songs, adjust the volume and also to be used as a microphone for incoming calls. Yeah, you read that right.sol headphone 2

SOL Republic’s Master Track headphones are our favorite but the product that every college kid needs in their back to school supplies is the Deck Portable Wireless Speaker. The Deck is a small, unobtrusive device that acts like a wireless speaker and a speaker phone that you command through your blue tooth as far as 300 feet away. This speaker can easily be paired up with your music devices and play your favorite tunes. You control the volume and sound level from our own device. But, beware, on heist mode, your friends may take over the party!

The sound quality is in a word AWESOME! You can’t believe that such a small device can pack such sound. In a dorm room it would be fantastic but you can easily move the party to the beach. It charges quickly and is completely wireless but comes with inputs if you don’t have Blue tooth.

5 Reasons why we love Sol Republic’s Deck Portable Wireless Speaker:

  1. Instantly fill the room with great sounding music.
  2. Easily move that sound outside next to the pool or in the yard while you garden.
  3. It is so compact it can fit your purse or backpack and comes with a carrying case made from wet suit material!
  4. Doing a presentation? Connect this speaker to your computer and fill the auditorium with sound!
  5. Having a romantic picnic? How about bringing your portable orchestra to play Bolero for you!

O.K., the last one was not for the kids and our daughter should completely disregard that one.

So now that we have given you the perfect idea for your college kid, let us up the ante by giving away a Sol Republic Deck Portable Wireless Speaker! Yes, you can be their favorite parent or completely forget about them and keep it for yourself. That’s between you and your kid.

How do you enter? Easy. Go to the Rafflecopter giveaway
and go to town. The contest ends on September 7, 2014.  Good Luck!

We were provided a Master Track headphone and Deck Portable Wireless Speaker for review. All opinions are ours and we will not be giving our daughter either of these since she already has a Deck and headphones because we told you we love SOL Republic.


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