Society Smackdown: Homosexuality

He's hot!

          Let’s talk about sex baby. It is Wednesday and we have sex on the brain this week. It’s all sex, sex, sex around here. The more we talk about it, the more we want it, the more we do it, the more we want to do it again and keep talking about it. Such a vicious circle. We are constantly bombarded with sexual images and innuendoes to the point where our subconscious mind is riddled with images of flesh and the beast with two backs. We have become obsessed with what and if people are doing something. Are they or aren’t they? Or, is he or is she? Sex and sexuality are not the same thing and yet our culture has made it all about that. If he is a gay man then he is a butt pirate and if she is gay well then she has sensible shoes. The Celebrity Smackdown today is different and in fact so different we will temporarily change the name to Society Smackdown!

          In honor of National Coming Out day on Sunday, we felt, as firm believers in equality for all, we needed to say something. Make a gesture. Set things correct (straight is such a pejorative word). The discrimination and systematic criminalization of homosexuality is appalling in this country. I, as a citizen of this country, am disgusted with how certain groups have made it their mission to eliminate the rights in any form to homosexuals. Today, my friends are fighting for their right to marry. Tomorrow, I fear they will be fighting for their very existence. Am I being a little melodramatic? I don’t think so. I seem to recall another culture that was persecuted and there was a bold attempt to eliminate them.

          But let’s say what it is that bothers everyone. People are completely obsessed with the sex! Christians say love the sinner and hate the sin. What does that mean? That’s right. Sex! Everybody is cool with a person until they find out that person is gay. Then the disgust sets in. And what are they disgusted about? The sex! Is it the person? Never. What disgust these bigots are their own sexual fantasies as they seem to go into great detail as to what a homosexual does in private. Have you ever noticed how they make those faces of repugnance? The concept of homosexuality does not make them sick. What makes them gross out is imagining a homosexual acting out any form of physical love. I feel this shows that homosexuals are superiority to us because they refrain from showing that much disgust for our sexual practices. 

          Our obsession with sex has made the conversation of sexuality a black and white issue. People are split as to if homosexuality is a choice, predisposition or reaction to trauma. If you believe that homosexuality is a sin then you must believe that God would never make a homosexual, therefore it is a choice. However, the same things work in reverse as well. If sexuality is a choice in general, then why choose to be anything? Why not choose one day to be with a man then the next day choose to be with a woman? I realize most people with these narrow-minded beliefs also eschew science so the concept of sexuality as a spectrum is lost on them.

          So dear society, let us all wake up and see where we are heading. We are letting the Vocal Minority take over our country. We are allowing these Nazis dressed as Christians decide that we have gone astray and are systematically trying to reverse laws that have already granted rights to homosexuals. Everything from domestic partnership to the right to marry is being put into question, petitions are being drawn up and state governments are being lobbied. Is this the way we do things, America? Should blacks and women get worried that their rights to vote may be in jeopardy? At what point will the Silent Majority, which believes that we should all let people live their lives and marry the person they want to, speak up? Will it take the legalization of Homo Death Panels or forced re-indoctrination of twinks? Will we stand by with our mouth shut while the same hypocrites who speak of the sanctity of marriage have their affairs and speak of how holy their unions are? Will we continue to stand by while we allow these bigots to discriminate someone because of sex? Today they will go after homos but what if tomorrow they go after people who are kinky or anyone who has ever purchased a toy? Are you willing to risk that?

          I know that when they create the concentration camps for Homosexuals, we will gladly move in with them because the parties and food will be fabulous!


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