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So, you wanna get married.  Why? With all the horrible press that marriage gets in the media, why would anyone risk a marriage? Statistically, over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Those numbers can only be seen as good if you live in Las Vegas. A less than 50% chance of survival during surgery is terrifying but pretty decent if you are playing Hi Low in Vegas. It’s a gamble that is reflected in the decline of new marriages every year within the last few years. These new numbers reflect a cynicism or realism that the wide eyed bride and groom of yore possessed.

Women are choosing to wait to get married. Whereas we still have those who really want the ring, many women are choosing to delay the big day. Is this an issue of commitment-phobia? In most cases, women are choosing to focus on their careers and see marriage as an archaic institution. This new point of view has affected everything from marriage rates to birth rates. Women are having kids later in life thus also increasing the likelihood of developmental issues in babies. More children are coming from single sibling homes thus changing birth order dynamics and how these individuals take on the world. In future generations we will be beset with ‘only children’ mentalities and that will affect society immeasurably. We will see a change in how people relate to one another simply because of being only children.

Aside from the aftermath of women marrying later, we wonder how this is affecting men. Men, according to folklore, should be out sewing their wild oats and avoiding marriage like most of us avoid dark alleys. The prospect of marriage is as inviting as a plastic bag on your head while someone castrates you. This is how men are portrayed in the media. But, like all things that are bastardized by TV and film, this reality is only seen in a small percentage of men. Yes, most men are encouraged to sleep around to sate the animalistic need for sex and conquests but few men are the Casanovas that films depict. Most guys want to be loved. Most men who fall in love see no issue in marrying. Most men who fall in love know that being with the woman of their dreams will bring them happiness.

Statistically, marriage is better for a man than a woman. Men tend to become more successful if married rather than being single. Women actually have the opposite results. Married women tend to delay their success. Married men report more satisfaction and contentment with life than married women. It is only in the area of creating family that the numbers become inversed. Women report more satisfaction after having a child while men report more fear and responsibility.

CoupleDumb is committed to happy relationships. Whether you marry or not, your ultimate happiness should be your goal. Marriage is a big pledge that should never be entered into lightly nor should you overthink it or be swayed by the divorce statistic. Create your own reality sans the depressing statistics. All of this takes preparation and depending on luck and love is ridiculous.

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  • hacscrap

    put SO very well.  I was older than my friends when I got married and when I had my first baby. . .no regrets here.

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