Snopes Candy And Other Good Terms For Lying

We have been virtually silent since the election regarding the politics of today. The lead up to the election had us writing non-stop for CoupleDumb and other sites regarding our own political beliefs and what we saw was happening to the very fabric of our society. This week, we break our silence for just a bit to share with you some of our realizations and especially our new vocabulary that we use to describe some of the things that have happened to us and, pretty sure, happened to many of you out there as well. We hope that Webster places it in next year’s dictionary or at the very least, it is picked up by Urban Dictionary. We figure if literally can be made to mean metaphorically, we have a chance. Please, take these terms, use them in good health and try to maintain a sense of humor as some people try to tear down the world around us.

Does it burn?

Today’s terms are ‘Snopes Candy’, ‘FactCheck Smack’ or ‘PolitiFact Crack’: This term is used, by people like us who are addicted to fact-checking, when someone is spouting facts that have no real scientific or statistical basis. Websites like, and love dispelling untruths.

Example: When you are listening to Michelle Bachman speak and she mentions that Gardasil makes girls “retarded”, you can refer to her speech as ‘Snopes Candy’.

Example: When you watch Ted Cruz get interviewed (and why the hell would you do that since he looks like Eddie Munster grew up to be super creepy) and he talks about how he has bipartisan support to shut down the government to defund Obamacare, you can call his speech ‘FactCheck Smack’.

Example: When Betsy McCaughey, the chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths and former lieutenant governor of New York State says that Obamacare will be questioning your sex life, you can call her speech ‘PolitiFact Crack’.

For those of you living in a bubble, Snopes is a website that was created to dispel rumors, myths and just flat out lies. Snopes had been around for quite some time and it is only in the last 4 years that they have had to step it up as they need to research and refute every stupid chain mail that has proof of Obama’s illegitimacy or that the government is planning to take your guns.  Because of the success of Snopes and the incredible need to quickly check the veracity of our politicians, websites like and are enjoying lots and lots of traffic.


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