Smoking Without Smoke

I smoked for more years than I care to admit. I began at a young age and limited my smoking to social situations and a few in the evening. A pack would usually last me several days. Most smokers would have labeled me as a light smoker. Unfortunately, a habit is a habit. After so many years, the habit of smoking in the evening or in a social situation was cemented in my routine. I planned my evenings around the cigarettes and would actually get anxious if I did not think I had enough cigarettes to “cover” the evening’s routine. Last January, I chose to quit. This entailed changing my routine and avoiding certain social situations until I could create new habits.

No smoke

After a few weeks, I found that the habit was changed! The nicotine was never the issue, it was the motion. It was the ritual of inhaling that I found soothing. What I didn’t miss was the smell. What I didn’t miss was washing my hair every night so I didn’t smell like an ash tray. What I didn’t miss not having to leave the room and go outside for a cigarette thus missing what was going on. What I didn’t miss was the smell of my clothes and the general ickyness of separating my jackets so as not to foul other clothing.

As life would have it, a few weeks into my new routine, we had some stressful situations. As any smoker would tell you the desire to light up was strong. I fought the urges but the craving was overwhelming. This is when I reached for an e-cigarette. I found a few puffs of the E cigs was enough to sate the need to smoke without having to wash my hair or be the family pariah. Electronic cigarettes allowed me to get through the stressful time without caving into the cravings.

I have been over 10 months without a cigarette and I feel great. I keep my e-cigarette nearby in case of emergencies to maintain my new routine. The e-cigarette lets me keep my promise to myself. I don’t have to return to my old habits and when I get the urge I just take a few puffs of my e-cigarette without having to buy a pack. is an e-cig that is available at many local retailers and through their website. You can purchase a kit with several different flavors and levels of nicotine. It is a cleaner way to experience smoking and, because you can purchase them at your local store, it is an inexpensive way to try it without having to commit to a kit.

Make a point to change your habits. But know that you have options if the cravings get to be overwhelming.

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