Smacked By A Glob Of Love

          Today we conclude our musings on love. It is just in time for the weekend so that you can enjoy a nice ‘love buzz’. Hopefully on Monday you will not be too hung over.

          Paul says: Two weeks ago, I said that Lee and I are optimistic and uplifting kind of people. We have been writing about all of the wonderful things that make up love, their magical qualities and their inspiring practicalities. Now I can do the big uplifting finish to our two weeks of love.

          Love is real.

          How’s that for hopeful and sappy? Philosophy of the tangibility of the intangible aside, love does exist. Every poet, lover, romance novelist and adolescent girl knows this to be true. Love changes our brain chemistry. Under MRI, our brain’s light up in all kinds of new and interesting ways when we are in love. And the deeper, more complete the love, the more sparkly our gray matter gets.

          Love has its place in the legal system. It always makes me happy to know that I can stab Lee as long as I am still in love with her because then it is a crime of passion. Any other time, it would just be run of the mill murder.

          If not for love, we would not have had such a cinematic conflict as the Trojan War. Come on, who doesn’t love a couple of star-crossed lovers silhouetted on the backdrop of a long and bloody battle of gods and men?

          Nothing motivates humanity, is given more readily, is misused more often, and is more coveted then love. And Lee and I are loves biggest fans. I know, sometimes you may not be able to tell how much we love love, with us bashing Romeo and Juliet for being the horny teens that they are, but we do believe in love. To be honest, it is one of the reasons that we write what we do, day in and day out. Consider it homage to the big L.

           Unfortunately, I have seen so many people who have placed love into the same category as Santa Claus, bipartisanship, and hover cars. All cool things but we have waited a long time to see them. Eventually, we all get tired of the wait.

          I am here to tell you that love is real.

          Remember the “technology” of our youth, and here I am speaking to the age 40+ crowd, where a word or picture would be printed in a sea of red and blue lines? The only way that the word was recognizable was when viewed through a red cellophane filter.

          That is my little analogy for love. Just look at it with the right filter and you will be surprised and delighted at how real (and prevalent) love is.

          I am now done being uplifting. I think that next week I will write about the evils of babies. Believe me, they are just little demons in diapers, but that is a post for another time.

          Lee says: I don’t know if I believed in love when I was younger but I think it believed in me. It smacked me across the head and said look at that! And there he was…6 feet tall, weighed as much as a taco salad, wearing funky clothes and bad haircut. But I loved the guy! I think I was wearing blue tinted glasses back then. Either way, I saw it and love continues to be as real as the pain in my back and need to wear reading glasses. I said real, people and that is as real as I get.

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