Smackdown On Your TV.

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                Usually, Wednesday are dedicated to media’s contribution to relationship dysfunction. Since we are concentrating on Weddings and Marriage this week, we thought we would address one of the biggest enemies to marriage on the planet. You may think it an innocuous decoration or accessory and some may even call it entertaining. What we do know is that the television is the biggest purveyor of relationship misinformation that there is. But we also know is that television is the home for shows like Fringe and Glee that are like a panacea to savages such as ourselves. Nonetheless, we strongly urge people to keep the television sets out of the bedroom and are even providing you with the 5 Reasons the TV stays out of the Bedroom.

1. Pornography: With televisions comes DVD and cable. Those mediums are chock full of pornography. We are not prudes but we do know that the use of occasional pornography can lead to a deep addiction and an obsessive pre-occupation with sex. Ultimately, it takes more to stimulate and arouse the viewers in real life. Pornography is unrealistic, puts pressure on the couple to perform and ultimately makes certain acts seem blasé when they can have serious effects on those who engage in them. 

2. If you have a TV, you won’t have sex: TV is a distraction. As the blush of the newlyweds is presented with the pallor of long term marriage, we must get creative to how to incite our partners. The television set is a distraction and before you know it, weeks have passed and there has been no activity. We can tell you that after nearly 22 years of marriage, we don’t need a TV in the room. Even studies confirm that a TV in the bedroom cuts your sex life in half (Seronelli, 2006).

3. Television attributes to poor sleeping habits: Aside from sex, you are in your bedroom to sleep. Many people become accustomed to falling asleep with the television on. This is considered a poor sleep habit and can probably signal a deep fear of being alone. Once again, the television distracts from what should be happening in the bedroom.

4.  Contributes to family disconnectedness: If you have a TV in your bedroom, more than likely, you have a television elsewhere in the house. If so, then, you are setting yourself up for the following scenario: Everyone watching something different, in different rooms, all the time. Just because you are a family does not mean you have the same taste in everything. Also, it is unfair for anyone to dominate the television (as a 1 TV Household, we find this hilarious since the kids have the TV all the time.)

5. Violates the sanctuary: A television is an invitation to enter a room. Sit down. Take a load off. Kick back and watch some TV. A couple’s bedroom should be their sanctuary. If you are in bed, you should be sleeping, talking or fooling around. The only exception is some reading. Lying in bed, discussing your day or frustration is a natural place to garner a little privacy and intimacy. Please remember, sex is not intimacy but lying in bed talking is. With the TV showing you the latest episode of The Real Housewives, which, we will opine that if they are REAL then we are all in trouble, you have little chance for intimacy.

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