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Since we moved 3000 miles away from family, having a date night was impossible. A non-family babysitter was never an option since we had so many volunteers plus our daughter who was the best babysitter on our roster. However, when you have been on top of a mountain for 7 months and haven’t even snuck away once with your beloved, you start seeing that some of your hard and fast rules are silly. So, with the help of a chatty husband, we began the search for some good babysitters.

Now we have the need to wrangle babysitters. You don’t want to use the same one all the time because they will burn out and you don’t want to lose contact with other good babysitters just because one is always available. We found a way to deal with little conundrums. SitterScout!

‘SitterScout is an online/mobile tool that works from any smartphone (or on your computer) to help book your existing babysitters faster, by instantly contacting the sitters you choose – and enabling them to respond – via SMS.’

It’s very simple, you input the names and phone numbers of your existing sitter roster. Then, when you feel the need for a date night, you input when you need a sitter. I use my computer to do this and I found the whole registration process to take less than 5 minutes. The best part is that you get confirmations on your cell phone of the request being sent via SMS to your sitter and you get her response the same way. The total time to book a sitter for us, including registering, was 6.5 minutes. Sure, we could make a phone call and play phone tag for a few days but this system streamlined the process and makes the experience more professional. Even my sitter liked it!

The process to Schedule your babysitters has been made so easy. Now, with the smartphone app you can do it anywhere!

We were compensated for this review. As always, the money never influences the opinions. We have severe authority issues and no one can own us. Sure, we have worked on this issue in therapy but we ultimately get mad at the therapist because we see them as authority figures. We should lay down if we are going to continue….

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