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We are so proud to announce that Lee has been chosen to be a Shot@Life Champion. Shot@Life is a UN Foundation organization with the express goal of promoting and educating people that the most cost effective way of saving children in developing countries is by vaccination. Through vaccination programs, children are protected from diseases like measles, polio, diarrhea and pneumonia. Some illnesses that we have eradicated in the United States are sprouting up elsewhere in the world. Children around the world are missing out on birthdays and first bike rides because they were not vaccinated.

Why are we so fervent about this?

It seems almost inconceivable that there are children in this world with polio. It is completely unacceptable that, for only a few dollars a day, we are not vaccinating children and giving them a Shot@Life.

What can you do?

Educate yourself. Go to and sign the pledge. Then, take a few minutes and learn about the program and how you can help. Call your congressman, senator, hold a bake sale at your church! Make Shot@Life your charity of the year and save the life of a child.

What will you be seeing this year on CoupleDumb?

Aside from bringing you the best information on relationships, CoupleDumb will be sharing stories and events throughout the country from Shot@Life. While you are reading this, Lee is in Washington D.C. meeting with other Champions and shaking hands with people from our Congress and imploring them to support Global Vaccination initiatives. Do your part and take the pledge today!

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