Shark Tank Giveaway

shark tank         My parents came to this country over 50 years ago and in less than 5 years, they owned their own business. Their entrepreneurial spirit is what this great country was founded on. This is probably why we love Shark Tank so much. The premise of the show is to put inventors and entrepreneurs in front of very successful business people who may or may not want to invest in their project or business. The beauty is also that they give these people advice. These titans of industry know what they are talking about since many of the products that they have invested in have gone on to great success. Consider the Shark Tank box that has some of the coolest items that were featured on the show.

Shark Tank is on Tuesdays on CNBCPrimeTV @8pm. And, because they are so awesome, you too can get a Shark Tank box. #sharktankswag

To enter, take a look at then go to our Rafflecopter form and tell us your favorite shark!

The contest runs from July 2 to August 2 just in time for Shark Week!!


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