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Sex- it is as easy as insert this into that. Sex- it is the most complicated human endeavor ever created. Sex- it is a chore. Sex- there is never enough of it. Sex- has too many rules. Sex- is a game for the young. Sex- should be used only for procreation. Sex- diminishes in marriage. Sex- needs to be different to be fun. Sex- the kinkier the better.  Sex- the more the merrier. Sex- is better with the lights on/off.

Sex is the most thought about and least understood subject in our society. We spend so much time fantasizing about it and perseverating on it that one would think that we would actually know about the subject matter. What can you say about a society that spends more money on pornography than cookies (true fact)? With all this thought, why don’t we know more about sex?

The reality is that people are under the misconception that they know all about it. Men, in particular, tend to base their knowledge of sex on experience and what they have seen. This leaves a lot of information on the table. Most men are not aware of a woman’s need for certain stimulation. Men have learned that foreplay is necessary but are not quite clear what purpose it serves. Sure, lubrication is of vital importance to a woman but the foreplay is also the catalyst to keep the arousal going until climax is reached. For women, we continue to live in this conception of Madonna/whore. We need to know a lot about sex and be completely comfortable performing all sorts of acrobatic acts but we must also shut that off the moment we leave the bedroom. Also, societal we are granted a reprieve from the dual act the moment we have a child.

The hard and true facts about sex are that we do not know enough about it. We don’t know how it works, why it works and what makes it work. Come on people, there are people out there that believe there is a bone in the penis!!! This is why the moment things go wrong, we choose to be quiet and carry the shame with a stiff upper lip. If you are a man, your shame stems from your belief that sex defines a man. A woman with sexual dysfunction will feel too much shame sharing this with a medical professional and will risk the loss of her relationship. Both sexes are wrong.

Treatment for sexual dysfunction is everywhere. For women, most dysfunction is treatable. For men, less so. The inventions of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, different hormone therapies that improve arousal, pumps, surgically implanted inflatable and other medical wonders have made the treatment of sexual dysfunction a simple game of trial and error. However, the deeper psychological effects of loss of sex drive, erections, arousal and orgasms go far beyond popping a little blue pill.

We don’t know how to stress it, get help! See a professional. Don’t miss out because you are embarrassed or ashamed. Life is too short to pretend. Or just simply ask yourself this one question: what is the worst that can happen if you seek out psychological help? Is that worse than never experiencing the joys of sex? We didn’t think so.


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