Sex Is Part Of A Relationship

Oprah does it. Ellen does it. Why can’t we? This summer we will be featuring some products that are COUPLEDUMB’S FAVORITE THINGS!

Sexy Candle

Here at CoupleDumb, we sometimes have to endure having to do reviews for our readers. In this case all we can say is, you are welcome! As professional relationship experts we have to be open to discuss all topics that are pertinent in relationships from the good, to the bad, to the sexy. Today we are featuring a site and its products and it has made it onto our list of favorite things. They were nice enough to send us some products to try and we begrudgingly tried them…just for you guys…again, you are welcome.

A fun gameSweet Seduction™ Game- One of the problems that couples have is that they take sex too seriously. We have talked about this many times. When you first started having sex it was fun and playful. After many year of marriage, your thoughts of sex have more to do with when can you have sex and less about having fun together. The best suggestion for those in a rut or afraid that you are no longer having sex is getting connected with the fun. The Sweet Seduction Game is a great way to have fun with your partner without needing to go away for the weekend or springing for a hotel room. Simply grab some snacks, water, a bottle of wine and lock your door. The game consists of 54 game cards that help you get to know the kinkier side of your partner. If anything, you will laugh and enjoy each other and reconnect as a sensual, sexual couple. Best part, it is portable. So, if you are away from home you can bring your game with you.

The Experience Channel™ Water-Based Personal Lubricant- Lube is important. We have written about many lubes on CoupleDumb and most are OK. The problem some water based lubricants have is that they are not so easy to get off and if it is easy to wash off, you have to use a lot. The Experience Channel™ Water-Based Personal Lubricant did the job without having to use a lot and was easy to wash off. Definitely gets a thumbs up from us.

Better for the gameGreygasms Vanilla Lumin Soy Massage Candle- Of all the sexy time things we have reviewed, and there have been many, this has got to be the sexiest thing we have used. The candle is your ordinary candle that smells amazing and then all of a sudden you are using it as heated massage oil. All I can say is, wow! This took a nice romantic evening and made it a sensual experience that rivals our heyday newlywed times many years ago. This is a must have in every couples bedroom and a great gift for a bridal shower or an anniversary.

Thanks again for the Experience Channel for sending us these lovely products. All opinions and experiences are ours and the memories will keep us smiling for a while.

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