Sex And The Holidays

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The holidays are stressful. Last year we spent a couple of weeks writing about how to deal with said stress. Here is a short recap:

Dealing with stress is vital for survival during the holidays. Here are 3 easy steps to follow to stay frolicking through the tinsel:

1. Create a safe word. Make up a word in the family that is used when someone is feeling overwhelmed. This will alert the others to step up to assist the stressee.

2. Avoid overdoing it with substances. The holidays are a time of excess and imbibing has a way of releasing the demons inside and repressing feelings that should be expressed in a healthy manner.

3. Love the ones your with. Cherish your family and think twice before you say something.

One other great way of dealing with stress during the holidays is to have lots of sex. Yes, we are advocating using sex as a stress reliever during this time of year. If you are in a relationship, you will find that during the holidays that your sex lives suffers. We become stressed, eat too much, drink too much and suffer family members. The first thing that goes out the window aside from our civility and holly jolly feeling is sex. We are tired and cranky.

We have always advocated creating relationships that are more like islands in the seas of craziness. A relationship should be a sanctuary. A relationship should be a refuge from the stress. What usually happens is that we tend to take out our stress on our lovers and families. Human beings have this perverse understanding of political correctness of showing a happy face in public only to display the scowl and anger at home.  This is our society and this is sooooooooooo messed up.

What we recommend for a happy holiday is the following:

1. Don’t overschedule yourself with parties and work. Get the shopping done as early as possible.

2. Schedule regular sex with your partner. Scheduled sex is not a bad thing. Most happy couples schedule sex.

3. When you feel overwhelmed, take it out on your partner. I’m sure they won’t mind.

More to come. Heh, she said “come”.

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