Selling Code

This is what we do for a living. We write. And, as you know, we write on the internet. Obviously we want people to read what we write. Unfortunately in this age there is a lot of other stuff that goes in to getting others to read what we have written. There is a lot of coding and stuff with apps. Things like page ranking and quality SEO are all kinds of important to us. We watch our Alexa. We check our Google PageRank and we keep an eye on our Klout. These are important to us because it is from these numbers that we set our price point. The better our numbers, the more money we make. So I place a lot of emphasis on the backend coding that keeps our numbers good.

Since my computer issues are specific, it is easier to buy or Sell Code as it is developed. Sometimes I am brilliant and other times I need some resources. If I can sell some of my smarts and make money at it then all the better. I love when I ‘accidentally’ make money. Unfortunately, I am usually on the buying side. Remember that this is just Lee and I doing everything and we wear a lot of hats. The more help I can get on programming, the more I can devote myself to writing.

Apps are a whole different ball game. I need to learn how to make apps. I have the programming knowledge but have not spent the time learning the syntax. For those of you who are not programmers, the logic of programming has not changed much over the years. What has changed is the wording. That is what I mean by syntax. So having someone else’s word to piggyback on is one of the tricks of the trade for programmers.

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