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NOTE: CoupleDumb is The Relationship Blog and lately we have been overwhelmed by the craziness of politics. To be completely honest, we are insulted by the rhetoric, disinformation, distortion, hyperbole, puffery, stupidity, paranoia, mendacity, prevarication and downright lying. One thing is to stretch the truth but the other is to lie to the American people just to further an agenda. We feel disrespected as citizens of this country and feel that certain people have decided we can’t handle the truth. So, we are bringing back our ‘WTF of the Week’ where we point out the misdirection, lies, slips, insults and stupidities of the week.

When did science become a bad word? When did fact become a target of different opinion? When did ‘we will agree to disagree’ become the high road when one half of the argument was clearly wrong? We have said this many times before but it merits mentioning. We are snobs. We are those educated people that actually read journals and gawk at scientific discoveries. We have three kids who all have aspirations of being scientists and excel in those areas. It’s how we raised them.

In days gone by, the world looked to the U.S. for innovation, scientific excellence and rigorous method. Today, our fifteen-year-olds rank 25th among other teens from 34 countries on a math test and scored in the middle in science and reading. China tops the ranking in all educational areas. We have allowed politicians to privatize our schools, taking money out of stretched budgets and giving them to business men to run a school with little or no attention to providing services to our kids who need a little or a lot of extra help. We are allowing a person who only understands FTEs to produce curriculums with this crazy notion that private schools are better than public schools. The reality is that private schools are not equipped or inclined to work with kids who are average or below. We are creating a dangerous society of the haves and have nots. We are throwing money at charter schools with this ‘Hail Mary’ idea that they will produce the scientists and engineers we need for our futures.

Well, guess what, if Mom and Dad demonize, vilify and completely discredit science in their home then little Benvolio will not grow up to appreciate chemistry, physics or biology. Let’s face it, if you tell a kid that dinosaurs were around a few thousand years ago then read your Genesis (where the writers omitted the T-Rex eating the Tree of Knowledge) then you are not educating your child; you are indoctrinating them. The difference is obvious; educating is opening their eyes and mind to everything and allowing them to decide what they believe. We are stunting our kid’s scientific education because Christians fear that evolution will unravel the Bible and expose it as false. Your literalism and blatant disregard for scientific facts will cripple our futures. I really don’t think God needs your protection and people can come to Him without you covering up that your spiritual text took some literary liberties.

Science is not the death of Religion; fanatics are the assassins. When we decide that science is like a buffet and we can pick and choose what to believe or not then we are belittling the process. Denying evolution has allowed people to deny the more obvious. The seas are rising. The ice is melting. The world is 2-4 degrees hotter than it used to be. There is no debate on that. Denying climate change is the result of years of maligning science and thinking that it is all subjective. It isn’t. It is 2+2=4 and red and blue make purple. It is. Denying it is tantamount to sticking your fingers in your ears and seeing ‘Amazing Grace’. It doesn’t change that tornadoes are stronger, hurricanes are bigger and droughts are massive.

The difference between not believing in evolution and climate change is that global warming will eventually eliminate all of humanity. Just a reminder, the Bible does not include speeding up the rapture. I get you want to be with God but does that mean everybody has to die with you? Let’s just be clear, the facts do not change if you ignore them. Just like evolution, we will develop and adapt to the new high and low temps. We will assimilate to our lands covered in water by getting webbed feet and gills. Then we can revisit this idea that science is wrong.

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