Scarlett Johannson and pictures of her pride

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Do you know what you call too much pride? Narcissism! It is good to have a healthy self esteem. It is a good thing to value yourself and to feel you are worthy of good things. It is good to appreciate yourself, mind, body and spirit, as a gift to the world; unique like everyone else. However, there is a line that is being crossed on a daily basis that is disturbing. We have mentioned it before but it bears repeating. STOP TAKING NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELF!

Currently, the FBI, yes the Federal Bureau of Investigations, is investigating the hacking of a certain cell phone account. Did the cell phone contain top secret documents that would compromise our security? Nope! Did the cell phone contain banking information or interstate criminal enterprises? Nope! The cell phone belonged to Scarlett Johannson and it contained pictures of her boobs. More specifically, the picture was taken by Scarlett of her own titties.

I’m sorry, did I miss something here? When did the FBI investigate stupid? With all due respect to Ms. Johansson, I just do not understand why anyone would take photos of their nakedness and just keep it on their phone!! I get phone sex and I understand keeping the love light burning but using SMS or email to get a rise out of your lover is stupid. What, does the guy have dementia and has a hard time remembering what they look like? Scarlett, trust me, most men have a good idea what your breasts look like; not from memory but sheer imagination.

Now, it has been reported that Mila Kunis’ phone has been hacked and photos of Justin Timberlake have leaked. One of him wearing pink panties on his head, another of him laying in bed and, supposedly a picture of his penis but without a face attached, who knows. Let’s say, for the sake of argument and because I happen to like Justin Timberlake, that it isn’t his peepee pic. The other photos are tame and playful, hardly inappropriate unless you have serious issues with a man putting a girls panties on his head. (By the way, if you have ever had a relationship you know that your bra and panty will invariably end up on his head. Boys think that’s the epitome of humor.) I think it showed good taste and a genuine playfulness that is hardly seen today.

More and more people are turning to Weineresque (Anthony Weiner- the defrocked Congressman) to these pics as a form of perverted pride. This is where the road to self esteem is hijacked by sexual deviation that bypasses intimacy or love for lust and body parts. Sexuality is different and fluid. We go from asexuality to all forms of sexuality. This new object focused sexuality is bordering on fetishism. Granted, men do have tendencies to focus on one body part like breasts or butts, but the virtual rumination on one part of you like your breasts or penis or sucky face when holding up your camera phone so that it kind of looks like you are kissing something or sucking on something, is sick.

Yeah, I said it. All the photos of all those women who make the puckering face are sick. Yes, I usually don’t get that judgmental but it is not sexy, people! Was Zoolander sexy? I think not! So Scarlett, consider this a wakeup call from God or the Universe or your dead grandmother who is appalled that such a pretty girl would do something so stupid. Delete the pics and only date men who have a fairly good memory and preferably without a personality disorder (for example, Sean Penn (seriously?!) was not a good choice).

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