Salonpas Gel Review

This is one of our favorite things. It may seem weird to include Salonpas Gel as a ‘Favorite Thing’ but when you are pushing 50, your priorities shift a little.

One of the undeniable facts of aging is that you will experience some pain. We over exert ourselves. We play a little rough.  We forget that we are over 40 and that that little hike we would do in our 20s feels more like conquering K2 in our 40s. We are very lucky because we have a secret weapon for our aching muscles that I actually heard about 30 years ago from our family pharmacist. He was Asian and recommended Salonpas to my mother who was having joint pain. He gave her a couple from his personal stash because they were not sold in this country.

Salonpas Gel

Fast forward 20 years or so and I was walking around a BJs (which is a Costco type store on the East Coast) and lo and behold, SALONPAS!!! We bought them and soon my whole family was singing the praises of the patches. My Mom does not leave the house with at least one on.

The great people of Salonpas sent me their new Salonpas Gel to try out. The product we have been using for over 10 years are the patches that you stick to your affected areas and those sore points are infused with a warm feeling that penetrates and knocks out the pain. The gel worked the same way and seemed to be effective for over 10 hours (the site says 8 hours but my neck felt good for over 10 hours). The gel goes on clear and does not feel greasy. The smell is classic Salonpas but, for people in pain, the scent is the least of our worries. We tried it on my neck and Paul’s lower back. We can say that we prefer the gel to the patches because who wants to see an unsightly patch? Also, the patch sticks to your hair and can hurt when you take it off. The gel also allows you to spread that good Salonpas medicine over a wider area and not worry about running out of little patches.

Salonpas is a must in the medicine cabinet of anyone who is over 35, active, or has regular muscle pain and joint pain. Salonpas gel is fast acting but don’t wait until you are too uncomfortable to apply the gel.

Thanks to Salonpas Gel for sending us a sample. We were not compensated for this review and again, as always, all opinions are ours. Now we have to see if they sell holiday gift packs for family and friends.

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