Salonpas And Paul’s Sore 50 Year Old Muscles

As Paul approaches his 50th birthday, the thoughts of gifts to commemorate this auspicious birthday are occupying much of our time. This past year has been one of transformation and changes both physically and emotionally. His training for American Ninja Warrior has him doing things he never thought possible. At the same time, the sore muscles and occasional strains are an inevitability. Thank goodness Salonpas sent us a whole box of their different products to try out.

We have previously expounded on our love for Salonpas and how this is the only topical pain reliever we use. We always have Salonpas Pain Relief Patches on hand for the occasional back or neck pain. Just recently, we can credit Salonpas for relieving the pain of a horrible neck stiffness. Paul put two patches on me before bed and I woke up good as new.

The Deep Relieving Gel is also a great  way to deal with the soreness of new workouts. Right before bed, I rub some of the gel on Paul’s sore muscles and the gel continues to work for a long while afterwards. He can get some sleep and wake up refreshed. The newer pain relief gel patches still provide that great Salonpas topical pain reliever but they don’t stay on like the original patches. They seem to be better suited for wearing during the day but still seem to buckle and not stay put.

We can’t say enough about how much we love this product. We recommend them to everyone.

Thanks to the Salonpas folks for the box of their products. No other remuneration was received for this review. All opinions and sore muscles are ours.


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