Rusty Solomon, Prince of Landsdowne!


Guest Post by Lady Cori

Every girl is secretly hoping that fairy tales are real and her prince charming is just waiting to come and whisk her off her feet and rescue her from the monotony of everyday life. Even the most ardent feminist, while certainly never categorizing herself as a damsel in distress, wants to find her happy ending. Unfortunately it seems today there are just way more frogs than princes out there (trust me, I’ve kissed enough to know)! Even with all of my heartbreaks and let downs, I am still just a sucker for a happily ever after. Despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly apparent that mine may never actually come, somewhere deep down I never actually loose that glimmer of hope.

I read a silly little story about Rusty Solomon and Varienne, two star-crossed lovers living in the land of fairy tales. Rusty Solomon disbarred from his love must over come great obstacles like fighting dragons, shadowy figures and creepy woods, and great battles all just to be with his true love. In the end, he rescues Varienne from her captors and brings her back to his homeland of Landsdowne. There they are finally able to be married. They go on to create three beautiful children and live happy and fulfilled lives. The perfect fairytale ending! Maybe the trick to getting the man of your dreams is getting kidnapped by evil-doers and locked in a tower. I don’t know how one goes about something like that (maybe Craig’s list 🙂 ), but that would certainly explain why I have yet to find my prince charming!

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