Rustic Crust And American Flat Bread Pizza For The #BigGameParty

He likes his pizza

We like to mix things up in the CoupleDumb household. Every week, Lee sits down and writes out a menu and does a grocery list. The kids participate by suggesting something they would like for dinner. We have found that one of the yummiest ways to get rid of left overs and getting the boys to eat new things is making pizza! They can make their own and have fun in the kitchen.

Keep them flat

First we plan out the meal. Then we go to the store where they can choose their own toppings. We get the Rustic Crust Ciabbatta Flatbread for the adults and the kids use an Ultimate Whole Grain crust. We like them because they are all natural and taste amazing. They can be made crunchy or soft depending on the how everyone wants them and then they get to top it with whatever they want. Ricky is a cheese and meatball kind of kid and Bobby will try anything. The adults go for some garlic olive oil, smoked Gouda, grilled red onions and chicken.
When we are in a rush, we buy some frozen pizza. I know what you’re thinking. Yuck! But no, there is a light at the end of the frozen pizza tunnel, American Flatbread! This is the way we have always wanted frozen pizza to be. The taste is amazing and the crust is crunchy without being tasteless cardboard. We take these out of the fridge, throw it on a pizza stone and in 10 minutes are enjoying the best frozen pizza in town. The pizza makes your house smell like you went all out. The Twisted 6 Cheese and Revolution are our favorite especially if we top them with fresh arugula.

Arugula is our new thing on everything We love this meal because it is easy and we can involve the whole family. This meal is great for a Game Day or even just a busy weeknight if they finish their homework in time.

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