Romney’s Real Message : They Just Won’t Get It

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There are certain things I can rely on; my hair, which is thick and perfect, my husband, who is as loyal as a hound and my IQ. I have great reading comprehension and can handle my numbers without sweating or sticking my tongue out. Perhaps this is why I can no longer understand the Republican Party. Up until recently I thought that maybe I had gotten too big for my britches, perhaps I was going through a latent parent rebellion or even something more esoteric like self-actualization had made me disagree with the Republican Party. But, alas, no. Thanks to Rick Santorum, now I understand that we elite, braniacs will never understand Republican parlance because of our smarts.

During the Values Voters Summit –  this is a conference sponsored by the Family Research Council which is a Christian front for a hate group that promotes criminalizing gay behavior- Rick Santorum included the following in his speech:

“We will never have the media on our side, ever, in this country.  We will never have the elite smart people on our side, because they believe they should have the power to tell you what to do.  So our colleges and universities, they’re not going to be on our side.  The conservative movement will always be – and that’s why we founded Patriot Voices – the basic premise of America and American values will always be sustained through two institutions, the church and the family.” (read more:

So is this really the message you want to send people? Smart people ain’t got no morals or values so they can’t understand us? Are people that stupid to think, ‘Yeah, we don’t need no fancy pants college degree. We got God!’ Please recall that Santorum was the same guy who campaigned on the idea that since Obama had said he wanted everyone to have access to a higher education that he was a snob. Yes, you read that right. The access to a higher education is considered a highfalutin idea to these ‘we don’t need no stinking education’ highly moral individuals.

Is this really the message? Should the parties new motto be ‘Give me your self-made, gun owning, xenophobic, gay hating, women should be barefoot in the kitchen, abortion condemning, God fearing, business men with no education and we’ll give you ______’ – sorry couldn’t really finish that because neither the party nor their candidate has really released a program/policy or promise that we can quote.

And speaking of the candidate, Romney was secretly taped at a private fundraiser in May where he said some really interesting things. Not surprising things just interesting. You see you can’t be too surprised that a guy like Romney really believes what he said. This is a man with an elevator for his cars, spends more money on his dancing horse than the average family earns, believes middle class people make 250 grand a year and bets 10, 000 bucks with someone he is debating. Of course he thinks 47% of the country is waiting for a handout. Of course he thinks that “health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it” are entitlements. Of course he thinks poor people are just lazy people who failed to work hard enough to make millions.

You see, this is all the same. Right now, the Republicans need to court the average individuals who eschewed education which is a scam created by those elite who can read and who never worked a hard day in their life and don’t understand that Americans are the chosen people of God and we are the world leaders and everybody just envies the hell out of us and God Bless this incredible country because all these commie bastards want our guns and land and money and white women. These are the people who will not read into Romney’s words. They will not hear that anyone who has sucked on the teat of big bad government is a victim. They will not hear that those entitlement programs include the military personnel who do not pay taxes on their measly 18,000 a year and resort to food stamps and the highly subsidized military housing. These victims include our seniors and disabled who cannot subsist off of their SSI alone and need help with food costs. These victims include the unemployed and underemployed who do all those jobs in our community like mow our grass, wash our dishes and cook our food. These victims are the same who lost their homes and lives during natural disasters like hurricanes and floods. These victims include 8 of the 10 states carried by McCain 4 years ago.

So you have to be uneducated to completely disregard that Romney’s belief system is akin to a futuristic sci-fi based reality like Brave New World where he is one of the Alphas and the Betas are the voters he wants because they are almost as perfect as him and the Gammas, Deltas, Epsilons are all waiting for our government cheese to survive. That is a great analogy but like Santorum said, “They just won’t get it”. You see, you need to read into Romney’s ideas to get understand which means you need to know how to read and that’s that ‘highfalutin’’ snob stuff God fearing people don’t need.


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