Romney – The Most Dangerous Candidate

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Recently, I was having yet another political argument with my father. I showed him the facts and demonstrated several ways that Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, were untruthful. I called them liars. I showed him the Republican platform that borders on fascism or a Christian Sharia state. His reply was priceless, “That stuff doesn’t matter. It’s an election. They always lie.” I was blown away by this. Now, it makes perfect sense. How is a person to vote for Romney if he continues to tell lies? Easy. It’s his job.

They say Mitt told 27 lies in 38 minutes. We are still adding up Ryan’s lies from last night. How Ryan could sit there and talk about his bi-partisan record while he has been so proud of his severely conservative record is bewildering to a person of discernment. The reality is that fact checking is an exercise in futility to these candidates. Gone are the days of trying to run clean campaigns. Gone are the days where the media was an observer. Today, the media is in cahoots with candidates, coordinating attacks and dropping bombs on the opposition. We, as the electorate, are nothing more than sheep.

My father has been in this country since 1962, fleeing Castro who needed to purge his island of contra-revolutionaries. His belief system and reason for voting Republican has gone from a need to move completely to the right for fear that this country will fall to Russia to now spouting Fox News conspiracies of Acorn and Kenyan births and 2016 colonialism makes as much sense as a grown man believing in the Easter Bunny. His paranoia has been solidified by the fear mongering on Fox News and other Tea Party crazies who see terrorists in anyone brown and communism in any help for the poor.

These are facts. The speculation of the President’s Kenyan birth and other absurdities are pure conjecture and the only proof they have is that they know that Obama is not American. There is no proof. When we say that Mitt is a liar, it is a fact; not a matter of opinion or taking things out of context or a theory that has produced an interview with an enemy or a paranoid delusion. We show Mitt on video contradicting himself and the only thing that can be said is that we are bullies.

My father has gone so far as to believe that integrity is not a requirement to be President. Mitt has shown that he has the same ethics as a man pleading for his life and offering to suck your dick for your vote. Tell me what to say and I will say it. Tell me what to do and I will do it. Tell me what you want and I will get it. He is the prison bitch of the Republican Party. His lack of character, morals, and integrity make him the most dangerous candidate that this country has ever seen.

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  • ConnieFoggles

    It’s frightening how many people believe the lies on Faux News. I still don’t understand how they get away with their blatant lies.

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