Romney Lies To Keep It White

Real Relationship Advice (and a good bit of political ranting)


Human Behavior is fascinating. In relationships, most people bristle at the thought of someone lying or betraying them. Most people have hard fast rules for how they treat people who lie to them. The feeling of betrayal is harder to overcome than abusiveness. However, we seem fine when politicians lie to us. We figure, ‘that is what they do’. However, why would we allow them to treat us like that? Are we O.K. being mushrooms to their bullshit?

The Presidential Debates were shocking. On the one hand watching Obama sit back and take a pummeling from Romney was like watching a mosquito take down a lion. I think Obama was in shock. After watching Mitt ‘Etch a Sketch’ Romney campaign for 18 months on a 20% across the board tax cut on top of the Bush cuts which would equal an almost a 5 Trillion dollar reduction of tax revenue, Romney stated that that was not his plan. I can imagine being in The Presidents shoes. However, it is to be expected from Mitt, who has taken the game of Pin the Policy on the Politician to a master’s level. The man refuses to specify, delineate or clarify what his position is. His policy is, ‘I’ll work it out when I get there but my plan is awesome.’

So, are we to give Romney a pass and trust that ‘his plan’ is in our best interest? Are we to believe that his past experiences, recent campaigning, closed door over sharing and his Vice President’s words should be ignored and that he really is speaking to us and not his millionaire cronies? Never in this country’s history has a candidate for President made it so far without the slightest commitment to any one thing. During the debate he claimed to be giving specifics to his plan to get this country on the right track. The plan consisted of:  1. By 2020, North America will be energy independent by taking full advantage of our oil and coal and gas and nuclear and renewables, 2. give our fellow citizens the skills they need for the jobs of today and the careers of tomorrow, 3. make trade work for America by forging new trade agreements, 4. to assure every entrepreneur and every job creator that their investments in America will not vanish, 5. champion small businesses. In other words, he gave the pat answer akin to a beauty queens wish for world peace. The how’s are completely missing. The what’s are as ambiguous as his Mom-jeans’ search for his waist line.

President Obama was in shock but that does not mean he is off the hook. He should have known that Romney who has Jello for a spine and the integrity of a hungry fox, would play fast and loose with the truth. One news outlet called Mitt a “serial exaggerator” while MSNBC actually could not verify some of his claims because he has never given any substance or specifics to his plans! Sure, the night before the debate Fox News debuted a video of Pre President Obama that clearly showed, according to the racist news organization, that Obama was an angry black man. Perhaps that cooled the heels of our President. Perhaps the right’s fear that Obama is just a thug who wears a suit out in public but has a plethora of Fila tracksuits and gold chains in his room where he likes a cold 40, hot bitch, fried chicken and watermelon when he is done with a hard days Muslimizing and Communizing this country that he hates, would just be verified if he showed just a little bit of passion in the debate.

The truth is that Republicans are courting a man who lies to them and the rest of country. Mitt is a liar who knows full well that the fear of a Black Man in the White House is worse than a White guy lying. The Republicans have given up on integrity and demanding respect from their candidate and have settled for anything but the n*&&@r. This race has shown the ugly underbelly of this country. Racism is alive and well when a Black Man cannot even show anger. You know what Republicans, African Americans should be angry. All minorities in the country should be angry. Your utter disdain for anyone of color not assimilating to your milquetoast way of being scares you. Your WASPy nature can’t take rhythm and foreign languages and passion and struggle and spicy. Obama is a constant reminder that you left the back door open and we are flooding in to claim our slice of the American Dream. I can’t wait to see Obama at the next debate. Mitt better wear a vest because Obama will be prepared to pop a cap!


  • DawnSandomeno

    I will say one thing about this debate with certainty- the choice is clear!

  • ConnieFoggles

    Yes, President Obama was not aggressive enough during the debate. He didn’t refute Romney’s lies, didn’t push for more time and didn’t bring up issues like the 47%. The main thing I’m focusing on and telling others about is that Pres. Obama told the truth. I’m excited for the next debates.

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