Review of Sugarbabe by Holly Hill

          When I was in college back in the early 80s, I had a work-study job that was very boring. The only interesting part of the experience was my boss. Let’s call her Donna. Donna was a woman, probably in her late 50s who was meticulous in her appearance, from her perfect albeit overdone make-up to the bows of her blouses always tied up high on her neck. Her penmanship was exquisite and she did her job with an impressive compulsiveness that garnered her much praise at the university. Donna was perfection. She wasn’t by any means a beauty but occasionally she would let slip that she was not a saint either. Donna shared the occasional story of having her martinis and she would say things like ‘I am old but I am not dead.’

          One day, while I watched her eat her lunch, she told me she had a very valuable nugget of wisdom to share with me.

She told me how she had grown to see me as a daughter and wished she had shared this brilliance with them when they were younger. She said to me, ‘Do you know what would be the best job for you?’ I shook my head. ‘Be a mistress.’ My eyes must have bugged out because she explained herself. ‘Look, you find a man who is married. He sets you up in an apartment, gives you an allowance, you only see him a couple of times a week and you can go to school. You would have most days and nights free and you can do your own thing!’ Of course I was appalled and stuttered something about sex and immoral and infidelity. She just smiled and said, ‘Sex is no big deal if you find a nice man and he takes care of you.’ What Donna did not understand is that it would take me 20+ years to understand that. Reading ‘Sugarbabe’ by Holly Hill, just reminded me that all good ideas have a drawback.

          Holly Hill, a pseudonym, is a psychologist who decides to become a ‘Sugarbabe’ looking for a Sugar Daddy. After a failed affair with a rich, married man, where she gave up her career and began to live a rich, lavish lifestyle that only her boyfriend could afford, Holly decides that she could become a professional mistress and takes out an ad, which reads like any other contracted employment. The story is her search for a decent Sugar Daddy and finding that pseudo love does not satisfy her heart.

          Her real life story reads like any other memoir except for the subject matter. I felt a bit voyeuristic at the same time I felt like I was assisting someone with a study and appreciated the frank, descriptive language as she documented emails, interviews and experiences with these men. The book was fascinating as a social experiment and a little hard to read when I would realize that this was not fiction. I often felt as if I was reading someone’s diary, which in some respects, I was. I can only imagine how cathartic this must have been for her to write. Holly Hill’s ‘Sugarbabe’ is a frank account of a woman discovering herself. I highly recommend it.

          I was provided a copy of the book to review. No one has paid me for my opinion and frankly, there hasn’t been enough money printed to buy my opinion.

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