Review of Hop

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          We had the opportunity to take the boys to see a private screening of ‘Hop’ on Saturday thanks to Universal and Social Moms. The boys were excited and I can say so were Paul and I when we found out that this film was from the same people who did ‘Despicable Me’. Paul and I are fans of ‘Despicable Me’ and have watched it a million times with our kid.

          Review: If you ask Ricky and Bobby they would say ‘It was awesome!’ Paul and I have different opinions. First, there were some very cute parts. The use of Easter Island as, well, Easter Island was perfect. I like James Marsden but he seemed a little too old to be the screw up son who can’t keep a job and has no direction. Also, it seemed that the writers missed a few chances to develop the story. For example, Hank Azaria plays Carlos the First Lieutenant to the Easter Bunny. Carlos is the ‘bad chick’ in the film. His secret desire is to become the ‘Easter Chick’. When he sees his chance, I was hard-pressed not to be on his side. Who else would be the Easter Bunny if EB wouldn’t?

          The bottom line for parents is that my boys loved it. They sat through the entire film entertained and engaged. When you’re picking a movie to go see with the little ones, isn’t that the only thing you’re looking for?

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