Red Shirt Kids – A Review

The following is a sponsored review.

My husband is a Start Trek geek. You can say he is a trekkie or a trekker but really, he is just a geek. Because of this, our family is partial to sci-fi and fantasy books and movies. When I opened the mail and found the book, “Red Shirt Kids” it took only a matter of seconds before my 9 year old grabbed it and went off to read. The next day, all he could talk about was the story and how excited he was to get to read some more. It took him 3 days to finish the book and now he keeps asking “When is the second part coming out?”

Awesome Book

“Red Shirt Kids” is a book written by a man who was told stories by his Dad. The stories were so powerful that the son grew up to be a screenwriter for shows like Yo Gabba Gabba. He never forgot the tales his Dad would weave every night with morals that included being a good friend and taking care of your siblings. This book is the first of a series written specifically for kids 8-12. For my son, the book was too short but the characters and story have stuck.

“Red Shirt Kids” is about Mike, Sam and Amy. They find a chest that holds four red shirts that, when worn, give them mystical powers. These kids then friend the local bully Ben and together they end up fighting a really bad guy and finding the two kids who were lost in the community. The “Red Shirt Kids” is an action-packed story that grasps the imagination of your child and takes them on a ride, all while imparting important life lessons like loyalty to courage.

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This is a sponsored review and all opinions are ours and our son’s. He would be happy to tell you how much he loved the book.

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