Red Diamonds

Truth be told, Lee and I like jewels. Kind of like a dragon likes jewels. I would be more than happy to get a big pile of diamonds, rubies, and emeralds and sleep on top of them like Smaug from the Hobbit. The funny thing is that we are simple people. Fancy cars generally do not appeal to us and we like our house to be nice but humble. But a great big gem will really get our attention. I would love to be able to shower Lee in bling.

In the old days, I only knew about the normal clear diamonds. Now they have all kinds of colors. I like the red ones which, according to the Toronto-based diamond company Capital CD, are the rarest and most expensive. Anybody that knows me would not be surprised at that. I have an uncanny knack for choosing the best.  (It is one of the reasons that I chose Lee.)

Because they are so expensive, the red diamonds tend to be smaller. They sell at auction for some really amazing prices. But, what the heck, if I am going to buy a diamond for Lee then I am going to get the best.

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