Recipe Reader – A Giveaway

Our friends and family know one thing about us other than our fabulous hair and nauseating cuteness, we love to cook. In our family, Paul is the baker and I do all the hard stuff (don’t tell him I said that). We are always trying new things and finding new and exciting ways to jazz up our meals. This is why doing this feature is not only a pleasure but so exciting we have had a hard time keeping it to ourselves. Our fine friends at Key Ingredient sent us their Key Ingredient Recipe Reader to review and share with YOU!

Yummy cake

First, imagine if you will, finding a recipe online as we do at least once a week. You either print it out which is so wasteful or you bring your laptop or tablet to the kitchen where you run the risk of getting something on it. The Recipe Reader sits on your counter, propped up, and is built to take a kitchen beating. Not only will you have your recipes right in front of you, the Recipe Reader has the coolest kitchen necessities like:

  • Substitutions: If you are like Paul, he never has everything he needs to bake with and sometimes would like to try a different flavor or ingredient to see how it turns out. The Recipe Reader actually has a button that helps you make the right adjustments to the recipe and substitute what you want!
  • Timers: I never have a good timer in my kitchen. I have bought at least a dozen over the years and none can do the job. The Recipe Reader has a built in timer.  Easy peasy.
  • Conversions: If you are like us, we get recipes from everywhere. Sometimes these recipes call for measurements you are just not equipped to follow. A great example was the cake Paul was baking last week that called for all ingredients in dry measurements of weight even the oil and eggs!! This also helps when you find a recipe for 4 and you want to make it for 6. Sure, we know you can multiply but this makes it much easier.
  • Wifi: Yes, it has wifi! So all you do is plug it in, search your recipes on Key Ingredients and get cooking!
  • Add Recipes: This would be silly if you could not add recipes…. Key Ingredients has new and exciting recipes every day. Just sync them to your reader.

Key Ingredient Recipe ReaderSo we decided to put the reader through its paces and help us with Sunday Dinner. For the last year we have made it a point to make a nice dinner on Sundays including a dessert. This last week was no exception. I made Swedish Meatballs and Paul made a kitchen sink bread (zucchini, banana, pineapple). Check it out! (No pics of the meatballs because they went fast!)

The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader made cooking easier. And now, because these guys are awesome, we have the opportunity to give one of these bad boys away to you!

And the winner is…. Film Guy. I will contact you in a PM. Congrats!

Thank you Key Ingredient for giving us a Recipe Reader to review and one to giveaway. All opinions are ours.