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One of our favorite readers asked the following questions: ‘What is the treatment protocol for a narcissist and how do you depose of the body after you deal with it?’ As we have said before, we do not shy away from any questions and even though the answer may implicate us in a possible felony, we maintain that commitment.

Lee says: Dearest reader, the sad truth is that there are no treatment protocols for personality disorders per se. Narcissists, in general, do not seek out help since they are perfect and the rest of the world is crazy. Narcissists find themselves in treatment when they go into crisis.  What is treated is their Axis I diagnosis (i.e. Mood Disorders, Psychosis, Addictions, Anxieties), not their personality disorder.

          There is no medication that stops an over inflated sense of self. Long term individual psychotherapy is the only form of treatment that has shown any promise. However, that depends completely on a narcissist feeling the need to change. Do you see a problem with that? Usually what will bring them to seek help will be a lack of relationship. They will continually try to blame the other party and use words like ‘envy’ to describe how others see them.

          I will defer to Paul’s sub personality to answer the second part.

          Paul says: Under advisement of my legal counsel, I will refrain from giving specifics. On a completely unrelated topic, I will say that large vats of acid are hard to come by and easily traceable. I live in Florida. We have a lot of ocean.  

Lee continues: As we wind up our week on advice, I wanted to make something perfectly clear. We think it’s great for people to share their concerns and issues with others. I think we take offense when people think their advice is the answer or they offer it without anyone asking. I personally see that as a violation of boundaries.

          Last night I was having a conversation with a friend and I mentioned how a parent can assist their child by being a role model and also seeking therapy so that they will be healthier. She suggested I tell a mutual acquaintance this information since they were having issue with their child. I respectfully said hell no! There are two things you should know about me: 1. I won’t do nudity even if it’s integral to the script and 2. I don’t force therapy or advice on anyone. Sorry thems my rules.

          I wonder about people who give their advice out like Halloween candy. Maybe we have hit on the narcissistic streak people have? Most people who do this aren’t what you would call, free from sin, foible or issue. There are very few people out there who really have the resume and reputation to be able to give any kind of advice and yet they don’t do it without someone asking. I think this is why Dr. Laura bothers me so much. She is successful for being opinionated! Shit if this was the criteria for success, my Dad should be the friggen’ King of the Universe.

          Paul continues: I also need to set the record straight. I’m a writer. I have some nice stories and I can string together a pretty swell sentence. But, when it comes to true knowledge of interpersonal psychology, shit and Shinola look the same to me. Keep that in mind before your start the Holy Religious Order of Paul.


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