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Our 10 year old has braces. Apparently, when he got his braces, the orthodontist put the fear of God into him regarding brushing and flossing. The conversation was something to the effect that his parents were going to spend thousands of dollars so that he can have a great smile and he was going to ruin that by having his teeth ruined by poor brushing. Since the braces came on in February, he has been a trooper. He brushes after every meal and flosses at least once a day. Even with all that, it wasn’t until he started brushing with the new Reach toothbrush that the orthodontist gave him high marks in dental hygiene.

Bobby in his gear

It isn’t normal to have your 10 year old tell you that a toothbrush has changed his life. My son not only has the braces but also an expander that sits on the roof of his mouth. He painstakingly tries to clean around the appliance but with the Reach toothbrush, it is actually working. Reach Complete Care is angled to hit all the spots the normal brush can’t get to. Bobby is using the Complete Care Triple Angle Pro which helps him get between teeth as well as his gums.

Because of the dental transformation, my 7 year old started using a Reach Complete Care brush as well and just got back from the dentist with a clean mouth and a high five from the hygienist. Now, we all use Reach brushes and are happy with the results.

Go get your Reach Complete Care toothbrushes today!

The lovely people at Reach sent us the Reach Complete Care kit for review. No other compensation was received. All opinions and teeth are ours!

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