Putting Health First

Every so often Lee and I do a cleaning. Sometimes we do a fast. Other times we do something to flush us out like a huge amount of fruit. Generally we use something that is heavy on antioxidants like Nopalea. We can use it daily as an internal cleaner that will help remove toxins from the body. It is full of rare antioxidants that helps the body and promotes a healthy system.

For us, one of the most important things is to keep our health as one of our priorities. Strike that. It needs to be a top priority. It is common, especially for a parent, to put something else in front of their own health and healthy lifestyle. It is so much easier to decide that picking up after the kids is more important than hitting the gym. After all, if you do not pick it up, who will? Corn dogs become easier to make than a salad. The kids will eat corn dogs and not argue.

So when Lee and I do our detoxing, it is our way of putting our health first. It is part of a focus on our well-being and a commitment to being healthy. We recommend that to everyone.

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