Product Review: Would You Like Some KY Jelly With Your Toast?

His and Hers Lube

His and Hers Lube

          After 20 years of marriage, every now and then, a product comes along that makes us both raise an eyebrow; something that would enhance our sex life without causing damage to our psyches.

          Case in point: KY Yours+Mine

          We have always been adventurous in this area of our relationship. We developed a list before we even were married of what was bad kinky and what was good kinky. The list for the bad has shortened considerably over the years however certain topics will never cross over to the good list. Those would be:

1. Animals

2. Children

3. Bodily fluids

4.Other people

          These four things will never be removed from the bad kinky list without some severe brain injury.

          Now of course we have met people who have indulged with multiple partners and have heard of swingers clubs and the like. These people usually turn out to be the most fucked up couples we know. We say, “Don’t ever do anything that you would be ashamed of.” So you will never find either of us in a three some with a chicken and toddler with a full diaper. Won’t happen!

          Which brings us back to the KY Yours+Mine. First we must say we love the commercials! One of them has a couple who mentions they have kids and a short time to have sex and then a second later shows them basking in post coital bliss, still in their clothes albeit a bit disheveled. Never ones to back down from something that could enhance our sex lives, we purchased this before taking it on a cruise. (We’ll have a separate entry for cruises.)

          The bottles are two test tubes, one colored maroon the other blue, and they are held together with some white plastic. One tube is marked “his” and the other “hers”. Now, since we had tried the KY that heats and were fans of this, we were looking forward to spending some time with this new stuff.

 Lee’s reaction: My first reaction to this was, “What the fuck?” It goes on cold and seconds later you realize you are tingling. The lubricant’s active ingredient is mint and I don’t know about you but the last thing my hoo hoo needs is an Altoid. I felt like one of those Peppermint Patty commercials, “I feel like I’m bobsledding without pants down the tundra!” I couldn’t concentrate on Paul because of my minty muff.

Paul’s reaction: If you are a considerate lover, which I like to think that I am, you have a sense of how much game you have, how much you can do, to bring your partner to maximum pleasure before you cannot give any more without giving everything – if you get my meaning. That being said, the men’s part of the KY had a desensitizing effect. Yes, it made my dick numb. Not a Novocain, dead chunk of meat numbness, but just enough to throw my mojo off. I found myself pumping away like a horny old man with no internal sense of whether or not I had past the point of no return. On vacation, it wasn’t so bad. I was more than happy to spend some quality experimentation while recalibrating my inner studliness. But when we are at home and only have minutes to reach heaven, the time between the baby’s nap and the five-year old’s lunch, Lee and I are a precision team. We cannot afford to have some lube throw off our rhythm lest one of us reach heaven while the other is still in limbo.

In conclusion: After a few more tries with the lubricants, we decided to forget about the ‘his’ and just use the ‘hers’. We both became use to the minty fresh feel and didn’t giggle as much anymore when we used it. For those men out there who need an extra layer of stamina, this may help. Women, you have been warned.


  • Read the bit about you guys in the MH today and was intrigued. First of all I love it that you call it what it is – I mean what I am most interested in – getting a really good fuck – and not living with just memories. I think they must fuck a little more in California than Miami because they are too sensitive in Miami about the words in my circle of friends – OK as a pejorative term sure – but never about hot and heavy really free-wheeling sex.. The next thing I noted in the MH article was that most of your readers are between 25 and 38. Jeez. Who has trouble with sex at THAT age? Gimme a break dears. I am WAY past menoP and believe me stuff changes.. What do you do when your spouse has a stroke that makes him take very little interest in ANYTHING let alone sex and you are heating your PJs? He is too weak and awkward to do much. Sure he can get it up and he can have fun but he does not have anything for you. Forget Viagra after a stroke.. Hey, it is a long story but after a while all those lovely well meant things you said when you got married do not amount to much when the body of the person you married is stil there but you are lonely and there is NO one you can talk to. To a psychiatrist it is meds, to a psychologist you are a clinical syndrome. They both tell you you are stuck between a rock and a hard place (not all that hard most of the time). What you are looking for is comfort and someone you can talk to in the most intimate detail and get a response. Not your girlfriends that’s for sure. There is always someone in groups that will tell you to “just trust Jesus” – does he screw on weekends? I would not DARE tell them what I am really up to! I long for a fuck from a very very vigorous and viril young man . Dildos just don’t come with that human contact I need. Hey, everything is standing still except time. All I can think about is how awful I will feel if he dies and I can only remember that my love died a long time ago but still In sickness and health I am going to watch over him. Well, there is lots more but I sure as hell am not going to write it here..

  • Didn’t mean this to be a “product review? LOL! But so be it.

  • Thanks for the great review of KY Yours + Mine. It’s especially helpful to hear both perspectives, from the man and the woman.

  • funtoyclub

    We were doing research on different lubricants and toys to use for our club. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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