Pretty Hair

Looking at the site from our friends at Fine Featherheads, we thought it would be fun to write about boys instead of just girls. In an odd turn in our family, it is the guys that are vying for the longest hair. There was a time when Paul had the longest hair in the extended family. This included the brothers, sisters and in-laws. Now our brother-in-law is going for the title of the longest hair and our nieces could not be happier. They are more than delighted to braid his hair, use hair chalk to give it some colorful streaks, and place feathers in his hair.  The girls love all of this stuff and have all of the accessories.

Hair decorations are a great Christmas or Birthday present for our nieces. These girls love to accessorize. It is funny but there was a time when it was our daughter that was the doll for accessories. Her godmother, Lee’s sister, would spend hours fixing up our daughter’s hair, showing it to us, brushing it out then starting over. And it is not like Lee’s sister is a child. She was a full grown adult with a child of her own at the time. If she had things like feathers and temporary hair coloring, she would have been in second heaven. Our daughter would still be getting her hair done today.

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