Power Rangers Samuarai

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          When Bobby, our 7 year old, was 2, we would sit down in front of the TV at 10 am and watch Power Rangers Mystic Force. He loved the action and martial arts. At first, I would watch it with little enthusiasm. After a couple of episodes I began to appreciate the story. I know, the story??? The Mystic Force incarnation of the Power Rangers had a great story! Bobby and I watched all of the Power Rangers seasons. My conclusion was that Mystic Force was different and my favorite.

          The new evolution of Power Rangers Samurai premiered last night on Nickelodeon. I watched with my 4 and 7 year old. I found the beginning abrupt and there was little time spent on creating the characters and the basis for the team. My boys were entertained. They were mesmerized with the action and found the re-introduction of the slapstick antics of Bulk as an uncle with a pipsqueak nephew hilarious. I was not a fan before and am hard-pressed to like it now. The premiere was typical Power Ranger fare with one ranger trying to go solo and not understanding the power of the team. The writing was forced and the dialogue lame.  

          The cool part of this season of Power Rangers is that they are also launching an internet based program called empower. According to the site ‘Just as the Power Rangers work together to solve a different challenge in every episode, the Power Rangers emPOWER Movement will provide parents and kids the tools they need to work together to grow healthy kids and support healthy communities.’ For the first time the Power Rangers are going to be inspiring kids to participate in their schools and communities. This month they focus on health and physical fitness. The site is easy and user friendly. Our 7 year old easily navigated it and found it as entertaining as the show. I will definitely sit with both boys while they explore the empower site but I don’t think I will be watching the show.

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