Politics And Relationships

Real Relationship Advice (with an F-U for politics)

If you are a loyal reader of CoupleDumb, you may have noticed that we have gotten a little political lately. The truth is that we have always shared our views on happenings in this country from the very inception of this site. From the beginning, we had WTF Wednesdays. These posts use to get 3x the traffic of our regular posts. But still, we kept it to one day unless of course something completely ridiculous happened. After the first year, we tried to palliate our tone. Lee tried not to write ‘Fuck’ all the time and Paul attempted not to inflame the most tempered of personalities. This still brought us readers but we weren’t having as much fun.

Today, we are just being ourselves. If you do not understand why we write about politics interspersed with marriage and dating then you have missed the purpose of this site. This site is dedicated to pointing out the dumb things couples/people do to mess up their relationships. Most people divorce politics and public life with relationships but that is impossible. Politics are directly related to your relationship with your surroundings. Do you feel safe in this world? Am I in control of myself? Can I pursue my happiness without the government interfering? This is why we write what we write. This is all about relationships. If you still do not see that, it is because you have chosen to ignore the fundamental nature of our country or vote against your own interests.

We have a week left before the elections and a choice is clear to us. After the 6th, we hope you will join us in a minute of meditation to heal the country from this incredibly divisive election season. After that, we’ll tackle topics like in-laws, sex surrogates and male enhancement. And for those who have resorted to calling us names and hurling epithets because you have no sound argument except for ‘nuh uh’, you can go fuck yourselves. Thank you for reading.

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