Planning The Perfect Wedding

CoupleDumb is preparing for a momentous event. In January we will celebrate our 25 year Wedding Anniversary! It seems like yesterday that we were stressing with all the arrangements and losing sleep over the silliest of things. They didn’t have the internet and the great resources available today. What would we have given for a site like who thankfully sponsored this post?

Ain't we pretty...and young?

Our wedding was a festive affair that took place right after New Year’s Day. Christmas decorations were still up and there were poinsettias all over the church and the hotel ballroom that added to the color and flora of the event. We had accounted for everything. We thought we had contingency plans for everything. A week before the wedding, I met with the organist at the wedding. I carefully chose the music for the wedding. The organist asked she could give me some advice. In my mind I was saying no but said yes because I was in a church and being nice.

She said to me, “The best thing you can do for your wedding is hope that things go wrong.”

I responded quickly believing I had heard her wrong, “I’m sorry?”

She replied, “You want there to be problems with the wedding because those will be the stories you tell your children.”

I quickly gathered up my purse and papers and said goodbye. I thought the organist was nuts. What did she mean that I wanted things to go wrong? Things had to be perfect!!

The big day finally arrived. Everything was going off without a hitch. Hair. Makeup. Dress. Photographer. Everyone left for the church as I waited with my Dad and brother for the limo. When it didn’t show up, I called to find that the wedding before mine at the same church had booked the same company. They thought my reservation was a duplicate. My father had to stuff me, my anxiety and my dress with the 20 foot satin train into the back seat of a Buick. I could not be late!

Personalized Champagne FluteI arrived at the church without a moment to spare. However, the priest decided to delay to make sure that a mutual friend made it for the ceremony. When we finally started, I was relieved. Everything was perfect and then the organist played the wrong music. All I could do was look up at where she was playing and shook my head. The rest of the evening went perfectly. We said our “I dos”, did the rounds at the reception, said thank you, had our first dance, threw the bouquet and changed into our civies to get heck out of there. We were already in our honeymoon suite when people were leaving our reception. We have so many memories of that time but they were just the beginning of a great romance.

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