Paul Ryan And Objectivism

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There are many different philosophies by which to live. A way of life is usually created by ways of being. Christians are called upon to live a Christ-Like existence. Walking the path of Christ is to feed the hungry, turning the other cheek, heal the sick and give to the poor. There have been other philosophies that have seeped into our world over time which completely discounts this Christ Consciousness. One of these is being bandied about as a way to heal the wounds of humanity. It is called objectivism.

Ayn Rand, the author of the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, posited that the main purpose of mankind was the concept of man as hero and that the quest for happiness is a moral obligation. Had she stopped there, she would have been really on to something. However she continued her dissection of objectivism and explained that said quest for happiness relied on achievement. Success was the ‘be all end all’ to obtaining happiness. She focused much of her philosophy on reality as an absolute. There was no need for a supernatural extra-dimensional Godhead. In other words, objectivism has no room for faith or God.

Why the philosophy lesson? Since the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan is such a devotee of Ayn Rand and her work, we must look at what he really likes of this belief system. Because, as Rand said herself, “This means that A is A, that facts are facts, that things are what they are—and that the task of man’s consciousness is to perceive reality, not to create or invent it.”  If this is the case, the truth is foremost in an objectivist’s way of being. Living a life committed to reality would be a life of hard, cold truth without need to sugar coat it with a belief in a supernatural Father-figure who will coddle you. There is no need for that for you have reality to keep you warm at night.

This is what we propose. We think Paul Ryan either never read Ayn Rand or perhaps he did not understand it. To be a true Randian/Objectivist, you would speak the truth. As we well know, Ryan’s relationship with the truth is shoddy at best. He bends the truth, perverts the truth and sometimes pulls stuff out of his ass and presents it as truth. He has shown himself to be a man who will say anything to be liked or to try to relate to people. His creation of a new reality, or what the common man would call “LYING”, is anti-objectivists and he would have gotten a smoke filled rant from Rand for doing what he has done.

While we are on the subject of creating your own reality to gain support, last weekend Ryan invoked the biggest lie ever said about Obamacare, the Death Panels. Not only is this lie obscene and created solely for the purposes to terrify a senior citizen, it is an indication of the loose relationship many of the right now have with the truth. It is one thing to believe your electorate is stupid but to revive a lie that has been disproven a million times just to scare people who are booing you is a sign of desperation.

Rand’s ideas and ideals are based on the foundation that an individual is responsible only for himself. The concept of “Makers and Takers” makes the idea of Soylent Green more than just a sci-fi notion but one possible reality. The Death Panel notion is a fabrication when related to Obamacare but an option to curb spending on seniors for a Rand acolyte like Ryan. Seniors have had their chance, they no longer produce and they are bleeding our reserves dry. They are living longer than anticipated thus taking more resources than predicted. In a Rand/Ryan world, these and all individuals who do not or cannot produce should be led off to the Death Panels. Sure, they built this country and created the world we live in but let’s face it, there time is done and our time is now so stop sucking on the teat of the American gravy train you old bastard!

Since we are talking about Ryan’s mendacity, let us bring up another contradiction or perhaps a misunderstanding Ryan has of objectivism. Ryan stated on many occasions but recently during his first speech as the VP candidate that, “Our rights come from nature and God, not from government. That’s who we are,” he said. “That’s how we built this country. That’s who we are. That’s what made us great. That’s our founding.” (Paul Ryan-April 11, 2012) Rand would agree with appealing to man’s nature to pursue happiness which is one of the founding principles of our nation. However, this idea is very dangerous in a reality that has lost all understanding of nation or community. When you say our rights come from nature and God you are dog whistling for anarchy. The government can’t tell me what to do! If we were to have allowed nature and God to create our rights we would have a large part of our country in chains, women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen and white men running this world like their candy store. Oh wait, now I get what he was saying.

Regardless of your politics, these ideas are terrifying. Ayn Rand was a brilliant woman who was highly disturbed. Rand appeals to the young because they have no true understanding of empathy until they are in their mid-20s. Ryan’s adoration of Rand is nothing more than a schoolboy crush on a cold philosophy that is as un-Christ-like as you can get and his aversion to the truth is as un-Rand-like as it comes.

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