Paul Ryan And Object Permanence

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Object permanence is the ability of a child (person) to know that something still exists even though they can’t see, hear, or touch it. By the age of 2, we all have this ability barring any cognitive impairment. Why the Developmental Psychology lesson? Why do I need to drag out Piaget to make a point? Well, let me explain. You see if there is one thing this intellectual snob hates is being underestimated or treated as if I am stupid. Just because you try to throw a blanket or a pile of bullshit on a subject does not mean that I will think it is gone, missing or never was. Your actions, behaviors, words and beliefs create who you are and only an acknowledgement of your past and a renouncing of your behaviors will relegate your past indiscretions, misstatements and misinformed judgments to the trash heap of mistakes.

Paul Ryan, the Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate, wants us to forget that he was the co-sponsor of a House bill that talked about abortions only being allowed during “forcible rape”.  The bill was co-sponsored by lots of Republicans including Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin. Now, according to the new Paul Ryan, “rape is rape…there is no need to split hairs”; this in the wake of Akin’s abortion misspeaking. In spite of trying to pass laws that would have made abortions following a date rape not covered by federal funds, Paul Ryan wants us women to know that he gets it. Paul Ryan wants us to know that his record is not important because he is just running for Vice President. He wants us to know that Romney will set the policy for his administration (the same Romney who will not make a definitive statement to save his life).

Then there is Romney who in 2008 was endorsed for president by none other than Dr. John C. Wilke himself. Who, pray tell, is Dr.John C. Wilke? Well, he is the brilliant non-scientist who came up with the incredibly offensive and unscientific statement that women who are raped do not get pregnant because our bodies reject it. His theory is that when a woman is raped she is uptight and not lubricated thereby the sperm cannot travel up the canal to fertilize the egg. Thus the ‘Magic Vagina’ (not unlike the ‘Magic Bullet’) theory was born. Mitt Romney’s people said in 2007 that Dr. Wilke was “a leading voice within the pro-life community and will be an important surrogate for Governor Romney’s pro-life and pro-family agenda” and Dr. Wilke asserts that he met with Mitt last October and Mitt said that as President he would make some major Pro-life announcements.

See, this is the ‘there’s nothing to see here’ campaign crap that is crashing with my perspicacity. How am I to ignore all this like you tell me to do, Mitt? How am I to ignore that while the Republican party was distancing itself from Akin and calling him extreme they passed a party platform that would ban all abortion with no exception (including rape and incest)? How am I to ignore that after passing this platform the Republican party actually stated that Mitt doesn’t actually have to follow it? Really?

So you see, we are all being underestimated. We are all sitting in front of information and Ryan and Romney and the Republican Party in general is throwing a blanket of bullshit over the facts and having us believe that they are not there; out of sight, out of mind. Mitt wants us to take his word that he paid taxes and yet refuses to show the returns. He wants us to take his word that he isn’t following the Republican Platform then refuses to answer questions about abortion or Akin. Ryan wants us to forget his record on abortion and reminds us he’s just a Vice Presidential candidate as if he could never be president. Just how stupid do they think we are?

So we invite everyone to pull back the blanket of bullshit and let the records, or lack of, speak for themselves.

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