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This is a sponsored post for but we love it anyway. If you have a child who goes to college, then you know that getting them money is a hassle. Lots of schools have debit cards that you can recharge but it is hardly convenient. This is why we are really excited to write about is an easy rechargeable Prepaid Visa Credit Card that you can recharge as easy as sending an email. What can you do with a Prepaid Visa Credit Card?

These are cool too

This is a debit card, like the one from your bank, and you can use it EVERYWHERE Visa is accepted — except its way cooler and cuter than your crumby old bank card.

You use the card the same way you would use your bank debit card. In addition to that, the card is…

  • Free to order, activate and load
  • Free app and check deposits from your smartphone
  • Free direct deposit
  • Free card-to-card transfers, anytime, anywhere, in seconds
  • No overdraft fees — never goes negative!
  • Safer than cash – 24/7 support, Visa fraud protection and 100% FDIC insurance on funds
  • No debt, financially responsible, no interest/credit/APRs
  • No credit check and approval in seconds
  • 22,000 in-network ATMs
  • You can load the cards easily through direct deposit, PayPal, MoneyPak, Western Union and even through your own bank.

Star Trek Cards!We haven’t mentioned the coolest part. You can choose from 1000s of designs. We chose Spock from Star Trek. Now Paul has a credit card that he is a little too proud to wave around.

You can also choose cards that bring attention to causes such as Breast Cancer, Autism, country of origin and fun things like Star Trek and even Care Bears. Put your money where your personality is.

Thank you Sverve and for this wonderful opportunity to review your services. All opinions belong to CoupleDumb.

Follow up: We ordered the card and got it within 3 days. Awesome


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