Patronus Bracelet For The Potter Fan

We have a daughter. Next week, our little girl will be 21. Just writing that makes us wince. She can’t be 21 yet!?! She is still a little girl. Seriously, she doesn’t even clear 5 feet so there has to be some rule about her being old enough to drink and stuff, right? Sadly, no. She will be 21 next week and all we can do is reminisce and look at her baby pictures. For her birthday, she is getting a cool techy gadget that we wish we owned but would go great in her dorm room. But, to remind us and her of that little girl we are also getting her the Patronus Charmballa Bracelet by Joseph Nogucci.


She read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in first grade. Her love of Harry Potter was so infectious that we also began reading. By the 4th book, we would need to buy 3 books the night they were released so we could rush home and begin reading them. She inspired our whole family to read them and reread these amazing books. Harry Potter was not just a fictional character but a story of hope and success despite where you came from (even if you were raised in a cupboard under the stairs).

The Patronus Bracelet is a lovely accessory that looks nice and still has the symbols that a true Harry Potter fan will identify and love. Deathly Hallows charms frame the lovely Snitch right in the middle. The colors are great to wear with almost anything. More importantly, it is a great reminder that no matter how old you are, you are still young enough to love Harry Potter.

The great part is that the Patronus Bracelet is on sale right now but you must act fast because it is a limited edition piece! Send one to someone you love who loves Harry Potter. Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we know lots of women who would appreciate this lovely bracelet. For us, it’s just a way to remind our daughter that she will always be our little girl.

Thanks to Joseph Nogucci for the lovely bracelet we received for this review. No other remuneration was received. Seriously, if you are a Potter fan, you have to have one. All our opinions are ours. If you a few hours, we can tell you all about our Harry Potter love.

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