Passion And Pleasure Workshop

You know that CoupleDumb is all about happiness. We believe in happy relationships, not just any relationship. We are also proponents of doing your psychological work. So when we got the opportunity to write about the Passion and Pleasure workshops, we were intrigued. We have said it a million times that sex is not intimacy but lack of a sex life is a symptom of problems in a relationship. If your sex life is suffering then do something about it. But make sure that they are not just some pat, playing with toys kind of workshop.

passion and pleasure

A real sex workshop should work with both members of the relationship as individuals as well as the couple as a whole. Also any workshop should make it clear whether or not it is actual therapy or group style coaching. Both are valuable but they can have different takes on sex and relationship.

With any training, it is important to identify the problem. A sex workshop is not the right place to deal with childhood issues, loss of trust, or abuse. We recommend seeing a therapist and getting in some sessions before doing any training. Once you are well grounded in your relationship then a sex workshop will be a great place to grow together.

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