“Don’t Fuck With The Mouse!” as quoted from Harlan Ellison

You’re wondering, “Why would anybody say anything negative about Disney?” If you are thinking this, stop drinking the Kool Aid and pay attention. Once again, don’t get us wrong. We love Disney. We love the movies and the parks. As parents, we have tithed the requisite 20% of our yearly income to all things Disney. But, at some point, we have to acknowledge that they have hijacked our culture. This smack-down is less about celebrity and more about how fame has given them the power to change the social fabric of our country. “Don’t fuck with the mouse?” Heh… Lube up Mickey. Here we go….

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Early Education

Being that we have been happily, romantically married 20 years, we set up this site touting ourselves as gurus of the marriage and family realm. OK, maybe not gurus. Better said, we are paladins, fanatically hacking and slashing away at society’s sick and broken concepts of relationship all the while leaving behind a wake of broken and bloodied carnage. We […]

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Product Review: Would you like some KY Jelly with that?

            After 20 years of marriage, every now and then, a product comes along that makes us both raise an eyebrow; something that would enhance our sex life without causing damage to our psyches. Case in point:  KY Yours+Mine           We have always been adventurous in this area of our relationship.  We developed a list before we even were […]

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