Our Relationship With Nature

Yes, our relationship with the world is a relationship. As a matter of fact, it is one of our most important relationships. This is one of the first ones that we develop as a child. It is the reason that we wander about and put things into our mouths. Because of this, I get to write about living out in nature and off of the grid. Since we moved to the mountains and got away from city life, people have asked us to write about it more and more often.

Realize that Lee and I are not all natural. We are not looking for tractors for sale or a place to hitch the horse. But we do enjoy a lifestyle that is more natural and peaceful than when we lived in Miami. There it was very techno oriented with an importance placed on big cars and multiple cell phones. Here, I have friends that grow their own food and are trying to introduce sustainable hydroponics to the school system.

When Lee and I decided to move here, there was a conversation about our relationship with the world. We spend a lot of time on the computer so we cannot say that we are anti-technology. Quite the contrary. Because of the use of technology, we are able to enjoy living in nature. We sit in our house, type on the computer and look out over the trees to the lake. It is a very relaxing setting.

Part of this relationship is a conscious decision to be relaxed. This is part of having a positive outlook on life. Positive psychology says that we need to make happy meaning in what we do. So this is our mindful decision to see our world as a happy thing. That is our commitment to our happiness.

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