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We have an ugly dog. Our daughter has a pretty dog. Our friend has the brother to the pretty dog. These are our dog park buddies. So when we had the opportunity to make personalized dog charms for them, we jumped at it. Following the same theme that we used for our ugly dog, we created sayings for the two pretty dogs.

By way of reviewing the process, creating the charms was super easy. First I made the saying using any program that can save to a picture file. In my case, I used Photoscape because it is free. I could have used Photoshop or Paint. Also, if I was any other person, I could just take a picture and upload it directly but, of course, I needed to write stuff and tweek it out because that is the way I roll.

From there, I uploaded the JPG into DogCollarCharms.com and got my charms a few days later.

The two doggies that received the dog charms are Bones and Einstein. These two are brothers. Bones is my daughters dog, all blonde and beautiful but not too smart. And then our friend has Einstein who was named because he is smart as a whip, the smartest of the litter. The thing with Einstein is that his jaw is smaller than it is supposed to be. We never noticed it and we have no idea how we could have missed it. He has no chin.

Bones’ charm says ‘Blonde and Beeutifull’ and Einstein’s say ‘It’s a sophisticated chin’.

The owners loved the personalized dog collar. I do not know how the dogs felt.

See all of the lovely pictures on Intersect.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias but, of course, all opinions are our own. The dogs have very little opinion as long as they look good.

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