Our 24th Wedding Anniversary

Real Relationship Advice

Today is our 24th Wedding Anniversary. Tomorrow is our 25th Dating Anniversary. Our relationship has netted 3 great kids, 2 cross country moves, a home, a book, an incredible blog, a plethora of furry friends, regular friends, accolades, fans, enemies and incredible memories.

We can honestly say that our relationship has been a passionate business venture. We have attacked every issue like a board meeting, addressed every problem like a strategic planning sessions and managed every crisis as an opportunity to restructure our infrastructure. When we have talked about marriage as a corporation, we weren’t joking.  And yet, with all this unromantic talk, we have a very exciting relationship filled with sexiness and intimacy.

So, this year is not only dedicated to Mental Health but also celebrating the 25th year of our marriage. We will be actively planning a celebration of this monumental accomplishment. 25 happy years is worth celebrating.

Happy Anniversary to us and we toast to another 240 happy years!

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