We are a family of scientists. I am a psychotherapist. My husband is an astrophysicist. Our daughter is studying Animal Science and Biology in college. Our two young boys are surrounded by conversations about science and have dreams of being scientists when they grow up. When we pair science with education, they are hooked.

This is why the incredible The OrganWise Guys is such an amazing kit! Not only can we teach our boys human anatomy and biology, they are also learning how to take care of themselves. Learning to eat right, choose low fat- high fiber, choose exercise and drink water are just the fundamental tools for a healthy living that all kids should be learning.

We couldn’t do the recommended reveal of the body parts as suggested because they wanted to learn so much but we were able to split it up in two sessions. They loved the conversation which extended to every meal since then. “Is this low-fat?” “Mom, I’m having some carrots for fiber!” are just two examples of the impact the kit had on my boys. In fact, a week after we gave them the kit, the boys were in their room talking about peristalsis and their kidneys.

We videotaped them reading the books and playing with the stuffed organs so you could see their excitement. Sure, it is mildly disconcerting to see your little boy sleeping with a human heart but he loves it.

Now for the fun part, we are giving a kit away! The OrganWise Guys are so confident in their product that they are giving one of our lucky readers a kit!

The kit consists of The OrganWise Guys In The House! Kit includes the following:

  1. Colorful carry case
  2. 5 fun-filled books (with healthy tracking tools)
  • Getting Started with In the House!
  • Hardy Heart In the House! – Choose Low-Fat
  • Peri Stolic In the House! – Choose High-Fiber
  • The Kidney Brothers In the House! – Choose Water
  • Madame Muscle In the House! – Choose exercise
  1. Plush OrganWise Guys (rewards for healthy behaviors)

What do you need to do enter? Simply leave a comment below. Follow and like for extra entries. The contest ends on 10/31/2012 at midnight PST.

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