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When we grow up, we want to be a combination of J.K. Rowling mixed with Dr. Ruth. We want to write. We want to write fiction novels. We want to write nonfiction books. We want to write articles. We want to write it all. That is the way that we roll. I am teeing this up like I am to demonstrate the idea that we are writing all of the type and, no, we do not use a pen and paper. We are on our computer constantly. All of our writing, from ideas to completed works, is on the computer.

Knowing this, you can see why computer hacking or just our hard drive burning out is our biggest fear. We use things like online backups to make sure that we do not lose everything that is important to us (outside of our children).

In the old days, I did IT and Quality Assurance for governmental facilities. One of the things that I needed to do was to backup all of our data. There were some rules though. I could not just back the information up onto another computer. If there was a fire then both computers would burn. I could not just back it up and take it with me. Remember that this was in Miami. If there was a hurricane then it will affect both the facility and me. I needed to have the information locally to use and in another state. That was the right way to do it.

Just because I am no longer working with government facilities does not mean that I change all of the rules. Safety is safety. If I want Lee and I to have safe data then I need to do a  backup and get that info as far away from my computer as possible.

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