One Dollar Glasses

Sunglasses          There are some things I never expected to love as much as I do. I love catalogues. I love taking long drives. I love going to listen to classical music in the park. All of these things require one thing from me: sight. The gift of sight is not lost on us. Our daughter is legally blind and as we get older, having the right glasses is the difference between being safe or unsafe. This is why we are very excited to share with you this great campaign coming from

Starting today and through September 3, 2014, you can choose from over 60 frames and purchase a simple pair of glasses for only $1.00. Yes, you read that right. What you usually would spend over $100, you will get your prescription lenses for $1.

Do what we will be doing, pull out that prescription from the ophthalmologist from a few months ago and buy yourself an extra pair of general use or reading glasses for emergencies. Or, better yet, get your kids that extra pair for when they lose or break theirs at school. With over 60 frames to choose from, you know you find something you love.

I was given a pair of glasses for this post. All opinions are ours.

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