On The Trayvon Murder

We have been silent recently specifically regarding the verdict in the Trayvon Martin Murder case. The only excuse we could give was that we were busy and many people, who we consider more erudite than us, had given their opinion on that matter. But now that the dust has settled, somewhat, and we have a few moments, we would like to offer some clarification on some of the finer points of racial stupidity that have been bandied about. We aren’t here to explain why Zimmerman was guilty but that the entire take away from those who praise the verdict is completely wrong.Trayvon Martin

  1. George Zimmerman was not found innocent, they found him not guilty. The presumption that he was innocent was always present because that is our system however, to believe that a man who admittedly killed a 17 year old boy innocent is like saying that hot fudge is diet food. No matter what really happened that night, regardless of whether the thin 17 year old boy beat the ever loving shit out of a 29 year old man with martial arts training without leaving bruises, cuts or blood on his own hands or that same man caused his own injuries, George Zimmerman took a life.
  2. Reverse Racism is akin to an abusive man saying that his wife MADE him hit her. Racism is not solely based on hatred or fear but also a power differential. If the person with power looks at his underlings and claims that he is hated, how does that hatred actually affect him? Racism is a system built of fear due to ignorance. We are primed as children to fear the boogey man, change and the loss of power. To claim reverse racism is the same as a prison guard believing that the prisoners are plotting against them.
  3. Walking around with a gun does not make you a man. It makes you an idiot with the power to kill. George Zimmerman picked a fight and then claimed self-defense. He knew he had a gun. He knew he had the power and he abused it. He is a bully, an abuser, a persecutor and a murderer in our humble opinion.
  4. Fox News and all of the other right wing pundits who blame the victim are assholes and that is a fact.
  5. All of the reporting that has been done on Trayvon Martin regarding his size, drug use and possible criminal proclivity was solely for the purposes of case building and justifying the preemptive murder of a potential gang banger.
  6. The President gave his condolences to the parents of a dead child. He had no reason to give condolences to the family of George Zimmerman. He was alive to kill again.

Ultimately, aside from the ridiculous discussions on race and racism and reverse racism and white privilege, our society has become so jaded that the loss of a 17 year old boy is an opportunity to promote a narrative that confuses the facts. The facts are irrefutable. Trayvon was 17. Trayvon had no weapons. Zimmerman was told to not pursue. Zimmerman followed Trayvon. Zimmerman had a gun. Trayvon is dead. Zimmerman is not in jail. We are sure that there are more things we would like to say but alas, unlike Trayvon, we can come back tomorrow and write some more.

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