On Road To BlogHer

          We are on the road! Thanks to the wonderful people at Chevy, we are driving up to Blogher 10′ in New York City in a pimped out Chevy Tahoe Hybrid with none other than Zippy Sandler from Champagne Living. Special thanks to Prestige Auto for getting the car to us and being so helpful. Enjoy our little video logs. Our first night we stayed at South of the Border on the border of South Carolina and North Carolina. If you are ever in the area, it is a must see. There decor was eye blistering but their wi-fi was weak and we could not upload anything.  If you want a blow by blow of our trip, follow us on twitter @coupledumb.

          Chevy kindly allowed us to use their car but is not compensating us monetarily. All opinions our ours and, quite frankly, there isn’t enough money in print to get us to change it.

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